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    Our gorgeous spoons will have you stirring up some fantastic meals. Cooking has never been more fun.


    Serve up a great time


    Serve your guests in style! Our

    trays and servers are a great way

    to add a little design to your next

    dinner party.


    Well framed


    Our beautifully burned frames are made of high quality wood and come in a variety of fun textures, finishes and patterns. These pieces are sure to make a statement in your home and bring something extra special to your favorite prints and photos!

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  • About GsMade4U

    ••It's Handmade Love••

    Meet G

    GsMade4U is the result of a desire to be more than a wife and mother. It is a journey of discovering myself and a reflection and extension of who I am and how I see the world.


    Always attracted to art and craft I hadn't realized this was my passion. I love the feeling of pushing myself to create new things, to express myself in new ways. After a lot of trial and error, I find myself here, understanding what my craft and my passion is.


    My journey of self-discovery continues with each piece I create. My work is a beautiful, colorful, ever-changing canvas. I strive to provide quality products that reflect the very love they are made with. The designs are inspired by my roots in Indian culture and bring not only elegance to pieces but are a joy to own or gift.

    The Wood Burning Process

    Mostly henna inspired, every piece I make is unique. Variations and slight imperfections add character and are very much part of the design. Some motifs are burned directly onto the wood; other more complex motifs are hand-drawn first and then burned. For each piece, the wood burn artwork is permanent and will not wash away. The cooking utensils are safe for handling food. Wood spoons are decorative but functional, useful for stirring, serving or simply used as a kitchen wand to stir up a brew! Be the envy of your friends. Bring some art into your kitchen. These pieces are sure to be a conversation starter at your next gathering.


    Due to these items being wooden, I recommend hand washing only. For best results, avoid soaking. Go ahead! Feel loved and use your gorgeous cookware and serve-ware. After all it's HANDMADE LOVE!


    Want something custom made? Contact me with details.

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